July 2017

PMC advanced laser measuring equipment
PMC takes a new holistic view of driver and ATL development by setting its laser to stun

PMC has invested in advanced laser measuring equipment for its research and development department, to help facilitate a more holistic approach to future drive unit and...

New PMC Office & Demo Studio In Nashville
PMC USA Opens A New Office and Demo Studio In Nashville

PMC, the Professional Monitoring company, is marking a significant increase in U.S. sales by opening a new office in Nashville, a city renowned for its musical heritage....

Harvey Summers with his PMC monitors
PMC Helps Harvey Summers Hear Every Musical Detail

Producer and composer Harvey Summers is convinced that his PMC monitors helped him secure a prestigious nomination for Best Eclectic Album at the recent International...

Kraftwerk robots
Kraftwerk Invests In New PMC Monitors To Create A 9.1 Dolby Atmos System

Electro pioneers Kraftwerk recently upgraded their PMC monitoring system to a 9.1 Dolby Atmos set-up so that they could compile 3-D Kraftwerk Concert, an audio/...

PMC appoints Ian Sutton
PMC expands UK distribution business and appoints Ian Sutton as UK Divisional Director

Building on the many years of success we’ve had distributing Bryston electronics, we are expanding the UK distribution business and we are very pleased to announce the...