January 2017

PMC helps demonstrate the nuances of High Res Audio with the recreation of Capitol Studios at the recent CES

PMC, manufacturer of the leading studio and audiophile speakers, helped recreate the world famous Capitol Studios at the recent CES in Las Vegas, to expose visitors to the...

PMC introduces the Bryston BCD-3 Compact Disc Player

Bryston distributor PMC, is introducing the Bryston BCD-3 CD player to the UK audiophile market, to bring the benefits of its class-leading CD transport and digital to...

PMC Helps Whitfield Mastering With A Seamless Move

Some careers are more portable than others. These days, if you have an office job and a computer, the chances are you can work pretty much anywhere with a broadband...

Fonic's Owners Choose PMC Twotwo Monitors

London-based audio post production facility Fonic has upgraded the monitoring in two of its studios to incorporate PMC twotwo.6 speakers.

The monitors have been...

PMC Launches Next-Generation MB3 & BB6 monitors

Following many months of feedback from industry professionals, leading producers and engineers, PMC, is launching two additions to its next-generation Main Monitor range...