Key Clients



Red TX, are mobile, live sound specialists responsible for bringing audio from events to millions of television viewers, the state-of-the-art mobile recording truck, is equipped with PMC MB2S-A stereo and AML1 5.1 PMC loudspeaker monitoring. 

Ian Dyckhoff and Conrad Fletcher founders of Red TX have recently rebranded from their previous guise of Mobile One and under the Red TX banner have been handling a variety of high profile events including the Vodafone TBA series, the iTunes Festival, Shockwaves NME Awards 2008, T4 On The Beach and Keane’s concert from the O2 Arena. Keane being a landmark for the O2 with the first live DVD to be produced at London’s premier music venue. A great deal of time and attention has been paid to the truck’s acoustics, ergonomics and technical specifications to ensure that it delivers truly outstanding sound quality from microphone to recorder or transmitter.

(The RED TX Outside Broadcast Vehicle, is equipped with a MB2S-A 3-way monitors in stereo and 5 x AML1s 2 way active monitors for surround with SB100 powered with a Bryston 300W PP100 power amplifier serving the .1 effects channel)