Key Clients

Patrik Schwitter


Patrik Schwitter is one of the well known and highly experienced recording, mixing and mastering veterans in Switzerland. Since his start 1987 at Ebony Studios he worked on +1000 productions. With his pal Martin Lachmann (Applied Acoustics) he founded Gamma Recording in 1990 and worked with international artists like Eddie Harris, Gil Scott Heron & Amnesia Express, The JB Horns, The Meters etc. and great musicians like Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel), Daryll Jones (Sting, Miles, Madonna, Rolling Stones), Daryl Thompson (Peter Tosh, Sly and Robbie), Gerry Brown (Stevie Wonder, Chick Corea), Curt Cress (Tina Turner, Falco, Freddy Mercury) and Ray Peterson (Blood, Sweat & Tears) etc. Patrik had the honour of tracking “Destination Unknown”, the very last album of Sun Ra and his Omniverse Arkestra just before Sun Ra died. In 2010 he won the German Record Critics Award for Steve Lacy's album "November”.

One of his recent projects was the album tracking of harp player and Grammy Award Winner Andreas Vollenweider, the most successful musician of Switzerland. "Quiet Places" was released in winter 2020.

In summer 2017 Patrik founded his personal facility in Zurich which has been optimized for mixing and mastering. In this new audio suite he made productions for Brainticket, Imperial Triumphant, Andromeda Anarchia's Darkmatters, Iandara, Jurczok 1001, Travelogue, I Am Chaos etc. In January 2019 he upgraded his mixing room with a IB2-S XBD-A system.

“I'm just blown away by these incredible details and the phase behaviour this system brutally reveals at any listening level, especially with very low SPL which I'm used to work with. As an educated church organ builder I’m truly familiar with the sound of a huge wave length evolved in "analogue and live”. Therefore, an ultra low G played by a 32' foot woodpipe (24.5 Hz) is a perfect sample to demonstrate the undistorted and accurate reproduction of PMC's amazing ATL. Holy f&%)ng guacamole! But the most important thing to me is the perfect and reliable tranformation of mixes and masterings into the "outer world". PMC is my perfect choice!"