Key Clients

NJP Studios


Gerteis founded NJP (New Jungle Productions) in 1988 and now has two Pro Tools-equipped studios and a video editing suite in Zurich Kusnacht, plus a third Pro Tools studio in Zurich that is mainly used for recording sessions. NJP Studios specializes in productions for corporate clients, as well as handling voice recordings, music production, composing, sound design and surround mixing for TV, radio and cinema commercials.

“Most of our work comes from advertising agencies and, alongside audio, we undertake video post-production for corporate movies and commercials,” Gerteis says. “We also produce and mix/master music for clients outside the advertising business, although we don’t produce rock and pop bands.”

NJP's main Studio A in Zurich Kusnacht, incorporates a pair of PMC’s Award winning MB3 XBD-A monitors. These operate in a surround configuration with a PMC IB2S speaker for the centre channel, AML-2 active two-way monitors for surround and an XB2 sub for the .1/LFE channel.