Key Clients

Matrix and Futurebound

London & Liverpool

Jamie Quinn, the artist, producer and DJ otherwise known as Matrix, and Brendan Collins, the artist, producer and DJ otherwise known as Futurebound, have invested in PMC speakers for their respective studios in London and Liverpool.

The Drum and Bass duo established recording facilities at their own homes so that they could work whenever the mood took them. Jamie Quinn's London studio is now equipped with a pair of IB1S monitors, while Collins has chosen twotwo.6 nearfield monitors for his studio in Liverpool.

"I'm over the moon with my twotwo.6 speakers – the detail and focus is spot on and they have made the production process much faster," Futurebound says. "Having the right monitors in your space is so crucial and after trying out various models from different brands it was a no brainer once the twotwo's arrived."

"We’ve mastered our records at various mastering studios over the years and every single one of them used PMC main monitors," Matrix explains.  "The two things I’ve always loved about PMC speakers are the incredible level of detail and the quality and extension of the bass. From the first time I heard PMC at Metropolis Studios in London, I’ve wanted a pair in my own studio."

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