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Cambridge, UK

Drum and bass legend, in-demand remixer and Hospital Records artist Matt Gresham (also known as Logistics) has bought a pair of PMC twotwo.6 nearfield monitors for his own studio. The new speakers have been used for all of the mixing and mastering Gresham has done over the last few months in preparation for a new Logistics album.

"A lot of people use flattering speakers in the studio. That's great for getting some excitement going while you're writing, but if you're mixing as you build a track, which is how I prefer to do it, you could find that you can't get your final mixes the way you want them to sound. Now I know that I'm getting a true picture of a track as I build it, and I find things just slot into the mix easier as I'm going along. With the old monitors, I would often do a mix, leave it, come back to it, and find myself endlessly tweaking. That's happening less and less with these; it's a lot more fun to make music, and when I reference on other systems or when DJing, I'm happy with what I'm producing here. I also find that I'm able to work really long hours on them as well, and that my ears don't get fatigued in the way that they would with the old monitors."

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