Key Clients

Francis Rossi


Francis Rossi, co-founder of the cult English rock band Status Quo, collector of Koi Carp, Clay pigeon shooter extraordinaire and English pasta-eating record holder, is the proud new owner of PMC loudspeakers.

The GOMORR (Grand Old Man of Rock n Roll) recently purchased PMC IB2’s for his personal 24 track home studio powered by the ultra low distortion Bryston amplification - a popular choice in both music recording and mixing realms. So impressed by the neutral and high definition characteristics of the PMC brand he added a pair of the award winning TB2S+ for nearfield duties.

The renound outgoing and charismatic Mr. Rossi is rarely seen at parties or big social occasions, preferring to dedicate himself to new projects and work from his own studio. Musically he still loves playing, performing, song writing and recording emerging artists for ‘Quo Records”.

On a recent visit, Francis Rossi’s co-writer Andrew Bown was astounded by the resolution of playback and also invested in the PMC brand by purchasing a pair of TB2S-A active nearfield monitors for his own writing studio.