Key Clients

Florian Opahle (Redboxx Studios GmbH)

Rosenheim, Germany

After years of working in other people’s studios, musician, composer and producer Florian Opahle has finally opened his own recording facility – a beautiful 100 square meter studio in Rosenheim, Bavaria, at the foot of the German Alps.

Equipped with PMC MB2S monitors powered by two PMC Class D 1200Watt amplifiers, RedBoxx Studios GmbH has a live room, a control room, a machine room and tie lines to two more rooms that can be used as additional recording spaces.

“The PMC’s are amazing,” he says. “For me, they are my ‘go to’ speakers because they make it very easy to judge what is going on in a mix. They sound fantastic at low levels, don`t break up at high volumes and the impulse response is always right there. You can easily do 12-hour session and your ears won’t get tired with PMCs. I personally could not ask for more.”