Key Clients

Chefrock Studios


The facility’s main control room and second control room are both equipped with PMC IB2S monitors, while a smaller third studio/writing room has a pair of PMC AML2 monitors with an SB100 subwoofer.

“All our PMCs sound amazing,” says Tilmann Ilse, who set up Chefrock Studios with his production partner Peter Keller. “The first time I heard PMC was many years ago at Galaxy Studios in Belgium and I was blown away by the sound, but I didn’t acquire my own PMCs until 2013 when I bought the AML-2 and SB100 set up that we now have in our writing room. They sound great and were perfect for the room I had at the time. When we set up Chefrock Studios we realised we needed something bigger, especially for the main control room, so we chose wall-mounted IB2s. They have great imaging, no distortion, tonal clarity and sound the same at every level, even low levels. The Advanced Transmission Line makes an additional Subwoofer obsolete.”

Ilse adds that, when it comes to essentials, his PMC IB2 monitors are top of the list because they make mixing so much easier and quicker.