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From PMC – the producer of true reference loudspeaker monitors – the all-new twotwo series combines PMC’s world-class design pedigree with sophisticated digital signal processing and active amplification to create a range of stunningly accurate, versatile, and compact two-way reference grade monitors.

The range comprises of three models – the twotwo.5 twotwo.6 and twotwo.8 – all designed and built in Britain using state-of-the-art technologies and components. The result is unrivalled level of clarity, transparency and accuracy for professional compact monitors. twotwo series models all share the same core design and features – the model number refers only to the approximate size (in inches) of the bass driver, with larger numbers denoting increasing cabinet volume, greater bass extension and higher SPL capabilities.

PMC’s attention to detail is evident throughout the design of twotwo series, but a feature new to the compact range is their ability to operate in either the vertical or horizontal orientations without compromising stereo imaging or tonal accuracy. This makes them ideally suited for nearfield monitoring of music and speech in situations where space is at a premium, such as in outside broadcast vehicles, small radio on-air studios and television sound control galleries, project music studios, video editing and post-production suites and for A&R evaluations.

  • True compact reference monitors with ATL™ bass loading technology
  • Class leading connectivity – both analogue & digital up to 192kHz
  • Cutting edge, audiophile, high efficiency dual Class-D amplification
  • Powerful DSP engine controlling driver response, crossover & EQ
  • Versatile positioning – perfect in both vertical & horizontal orientation
  • Precision drivers designed and built by PMC for dynamics & neutrality

The intermediate model in the twotwo range employs the same amplifiers and DSP technology as its diminutive sibling, but its larger ATL™ cabinet and 170mm (6.5”) bass unit endows it with a more extended bass performance and a higher SPLs. However, the twotwo.6 shares the same family characteristics of superb transparency and a neutral balance, and is an ideal monitor for use in medium-sized rooms where more power and dynamics are required. 

The twotwo range were requested for ASCAP's (American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers) annual song writing event at industry veteran Miles Copeland's, Chateau Marouatte. Here's what some of the world-class songwriters/producers that attended the event had to say about their experience working with the twotwo's:

Available Finishes:
Crossover Frequency:
H 406 W 194 D 364 (mm)
Drive Units:
LF 170mm (6.5 inch) , HF 27mm Soft Dome
Effective ATL™ Length:
1.6m (5.25ft)
Frequency Response:
40 – 25kHz
Useable Frequency Response:
40 – 25kHz Peak SPL @ 1M: 113dB
Review Author Datesort ascending Publication
PMC twotwo.6 active loudspeaker Jason Kennedy 11/12/2015 Hi-Fi+
Mixing Tool Fritz Fey 10/03/2015 Studiomagazin (GER)
PMC twotwo.6 Huw Price 02/12/2013 MusicTech
PMC twotwo.5 & twotwo.6 Hugh Robjohns 12/07/2013 Sound on Sound
"j'ai pu comparer les neumann kh 310, les focal trio b6 et les two two 6 (écoute auditorium: nils peter molvaer: solid ether/ miles davis kind of blue/ massive attack mezzanine/ Jimi hendrix electric ladyland) Mon choix s'est porté sur les two two 6 pour le son, la clarté, le réalisme. A la différence des autres marques pré-citées, les pmc sont non colorantes, elles laissent l'accoustique des instrument se révéler, les instruments electroniques sont agréables à écouter, les synthé bass reste trés précis même sans sub.. L'image sonore est également trés précise et la scène musicale facilement perceptible. Le placement de ces enceintes est simple; la customisation des filtres est trés efficace et permet une adaptation rapide dans n'importe quelle pièce. Dans cette gamme de prix c'est incroyable."
Mr Y, Chatou
"Excellent product, high quality components, perfect sound and true reference. I love this pair of speakers, worth what it costs. The PMC products are a legendary gem for those who can afford it. Definitely a luxury speaker. Thanks for existing, All my respect."
Mr M, Miami
"Listening and producing on these monitors makes me feel like I'm actually 'inside' the track. The clarity is amazing and yet it is still warm and not clinical. I've heard things in tunes that I didn't know existed before."
Mr L, Witney
"I have been a long term devotee of Transmission Line Speakers in the form of IMFs, a pair of which are in my main system. I have heard your MB2s and MB2 SEs and think they are brilliant. However, for their size these TwoTwo 6s are just amazing. Not run in yet but already the quality of their is clearly evident. Jonas Kaufmann and Helmut Deutsche (Schubert's Winterreise) are in the room with me! Human voice is incredibly realistic. The bass extension is fantastic for their dimensions and with no boominess apparent at all. These are my first pair of active speakers and my first pair of PMCs. I don't think they will be my last."
Mr R, Warranwood, Victoria
"I have always wanted a pair of PMC monitors since experiencing them at college. My Genelec 8040a speakers have lasted me 10 years without ever going wrong and so I thought that an upgrade to speakers that cost 4x the amount would be a want rather than a need....until I heard them in my studio!!! Literally amazing. I'm hearing things I never heard before and I absolutely LOVE them! I also like how the bass comes out of the front so I am less worried about placing them close to a wall (as I don't have a perfect room/space)."
Mr M, Batley
"So much more detailed than my genelecs. :D Thanks!"
Mr J, Denver
"I feel in love with them after listening for the first time. The clarity and balance is something that I have not heard on other monitors. I feel like the music that comes out is how music is supposed to sound. It will be a joy to compose on these."
Mr A, Spring Hill
"Monitor and sound quality very good."
Mr H, Rotterdam
"Fell in love with resolution, depth and pretty much everything else. Only issue is remote controlling volume when connected aes/ebu. Is there any reasonable priced solution for remote (volume)control?"
Mr T, Espoo
"As ever the twotwo's don't disappoint, they've transformed the room. The students are pleased now, it's made the room much more in line with the other critical listening spaces that have twotwo and IB1 set ups. Very pleased!"
Mr A, Walsall
Mr I, Ramat gan
"The best sound ever!"
Mr W, Warsaw
"I have PMC twotwo.6 monitors – which I love – I can hear everything. "
Dave Archer, British musician, composer, arranger & musical director
"Speakers are great!"
Mr J, Leeds
"I'm loving these monitors. The clarity in the mid range is outstanding. Just great. "
Mr H, Leeds
"Hugely impressed with the speakers so far. Great clarity, neutrality and detail. With a decent sub-woofer, ideal for use with the Church organ sample sets that I use regularly. "
Mr M, Leeds
"I'm really enjoying my PMC twotwo.6 monitors for both mixing and enjoying my music collection. "
Mr B, Canada
"Truly excellent! "
Mr M, Newbury
"Loving them! "
Mr H, Bristol
"These are some amazing sounding monitors. "
Mr W, Thousand Oaks
"Love the sound, love that they're light....great bass for small speaker "
Mr P, Longueuil
"I'm left slightly short for words really - I consider myself a reasonably experienced PMC user but these are quite unlike anything I've heard before. "
Mr L, Walsall
"Spectacular sounding and extremely accurate near field studio monitors. "
Mr S, Es Carritxo
"As a package I think they've just set a new benchmark for a near field, and just not by a marginal improvement. The twotwo's are revolution, not evolution. PMC - I doff my cap. "
Mr L, Walsall
"I've only had them for a day, but the new level of clarity and depth that I'm hearing in my music is astounding. Very much looking forward to working with these monitors more and hearing a new dimension in my music production. "
Mr M, Bishops Castle
"Very nice sound. It is a pleasure working with them. "
Mr B, Paris
"The top end on the system is extended and wide open, the imaging is stunningly detailed and with the sub, the headroom and bottom end of the system is simply ferocious."
Mr , Edinburgh
"These speakers are utterly outstanding. I have no idea how you guys have managed to get that much out of such a small box but it is blowing me away. My transition from the Tb2s was instant. "
Mr B, Edinburgh
"The level of customer service, care, aftercare and above all else, quality of sound is the reason PMC are the only brand we rely on at the studio."
Mr , Edinburgh
"My transition from the Tb2s was instant. They sounded and behaved in exactly the way I am used to, but these are improved in every way. Top, bottom, power, imaging, headroom.....I am, as ever, a delighted PMC customer and user. "
Mr B, Edinburgh
"PMC Loudspeakers are the ultimate reference monitors in the studio environment. The Two Two's make music sound as it should. "
Mr P, Croydon
"These are outstanding. "
Mr B, Edinburgh
"Wonderful sound very impressed by the quality of the stereo, excellent work. "
Mr O, Vélieux
"Not set them up in my studio yet but build quality is excellent and I know they sound fantastic. "
Mr .C, Ilkley