From the bedroom studios of the 'next big things' to the acoustically treated hush of the world's finest outside broadcast vehicles, movie soundstages, recording and mastering studios, and to the boardrooms and listening stations at major record companies, our products are woven into the fabric of the audio business.




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For the ultimate no-compromise pairing of speakers and amplifiers with our patented Advanced Transmission Line™ technology, music and audio professionals seek out our active range of speakers, which uses state-of-the-art active crossovers and analogue or digital amplification to provide unrivalled tonal accuracy, resolution and dynamic range.

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While it's hard to better a well-engineered set of active speakers, passive monitors, when designed with care and respect like PMC's range, will always outperform inferior active designs. Aimed at customers who prefer to define their own speaker/amplifier combination, our passive speakers are just as uncompromising when it comes to quality.


PMC's subwoofers provide the very last word in extended bass response that maintains dynamics and depth, but from smaller speakers than many other similar products on the market, thanks to their advanced ATL™ design.


Accessories – don’t compromise your sound. Like our speakers, our stands, brackets, remotes and accessories are designed and built to the highest specification to ensure you get the very best from your PMC monitors.


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