Those with substantial rooms and musical appetites to match will crave the largest two-way in the range. The twenty5.24 is capable of recreating a spine-tingling sense of presence; close your eyes and you can almost touch the performers. The combination of the latest advances in drive unit technology and our groundbreaking Laminair system make this model as precise and detailed as the music deserves. A loudspeaker of this calibre takes every performance to a higher level.


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    • twenty5.24
    • May '17
    • twenty5.24
    • July – Sept '17

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Customer Reviews

"As a long time user of Naim hifi (ND5XS/NAC202/NAP200) I found that my Martin Logans didn't reveal the music enough. I felt that more could be possible. ML makes great products, but my room does not have the "perfect" dimensions for getting the best sound. Boomyness lured in every corner and revealed too much information. After visiting hifi shop Zwaard I knew PMC was the answer to my ¨problem". It took me minutes to understand what was going on and listened for another hour or two for sheer fun. Buying the twenty5.24 is the smartest hifi choice I have done in many years. Now listening to my collection and for the first time I hear music instead of a sonic boom. Yet the bass is strong and pure and nothing is left out. I'm a very happy customer! (And so is my girlfriend who doesn't give much about my music, but has excellent hearing. She agrees to the above)"
Mr P, Linschoten
"Very pleased with my Twenty5 24's they sound great straight from their boxes with a highly detailed, focused and rich sound. From my listening position the bass is just wonderfully deep and purposeful and the mids and highs create a wonderful soundstage and the best part is I know they will improve over the next month or two. Lovely finish on the cabinet, nice attention to details and the mirror polished plate on the rear adds to the quality feel and finish. Very elegant with or without grills."
Mr J, Caterham
"Miód dla moich uszu... (honey for my ears...)"
Mr G, Szczyrk
"I am truly amazed at the performance of these speakers. This speaker has enabled me finally to convert from a Naim SBL active system to a passive one. I could waffle on, but suffice to say congratulations on an excellent product and also the good advice I received from your colleague Tom."
Mr R, Littlehampton
"They say that money does not bring happiness, sometimes there are surprises, Twenty5.24 is worth every cent spent. Wonderful sound!"
Mr F, Odivelas
"Excellent produit, merci de me communiquer comment me procurer l'enceinte centrale Twenty5 C, pas en vente au magasin cobra, ni ailleurs en France, ou c'est moi qui n'a pas trouvé."
Mr L, Cesson Sévigné


ATL Tecnology

PMC’s unique (Advanced Transmission Line) enclosures have taken loudspeaker design to the highest level, using sophisticated cabinet construction, proprietary drive units, and patented absorption materials and techniques. The benefits are enormous compared to the relatively simple sealed and ported designs currently available elsewhere. Find out more

ATL Tecnology