Those with substantial rooms and musical appetites to match will crave the largest two-way in the range. The twenty5.24 is capable of recreating a spine-tingling sense of presence; close your eyes and you can almost touch the performers. The combination of the latest advances in drive unit technology and our groundbreaking Laminair system make this model as precise and detailed as the music deserves. A loudspeaker of this calibre takes every performance to a higher level.


Customer Reviews

"I have only had the 25.24s a couple of weeks but they are a serious upgrade and work brilliantly with my system, which comprises a Roksan Xerxes record player, Musical Fidelity A5 CD and Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 600 amplifier. Despite their sensitivity and ease to drive, they seem to give more and more when partnered with good equipment. They seem to thrive on the power and grip of a good amplifier and are hugely revealing without ever tending towards harsh or grating, even on less than great recordings. I am very pleased with bass delivery, which is on another level for me as I had quite small stand mounters before. The bass is full but tight, fast and controlled, which suits the fast and accurate Xerxes. The laminair and ATL technology really seems to deliver here. When I first switched on the system with the PMCs attached it felt like I was hearing what the front end components and amp could truly deliver. I have been keen to re-explore my CD and record collection. Some recordings just sound significantly better and others actually sound really different because the speakers do not seem to colour the recording....easier on the ear, tidier and refined, with bags of detail and everything identifiable in the soundstage. My feeling is that the speakers deliver the truth and nothing but the truth, but also manage to make music beautifully, which just makes me want to sit and listen. That must be the ultimate endorsement! They emit virtually no sound and vibration rearward as the cabinets are so taught and neutral. This is important if you have to have your hifi stack to one side, nearer one of the speakers as I do. Even my wife, who is in no way a hifi buff, was rather awed by the dramatic and gripping delivery on some of her favourite tracks, even if she will never quite come to terms with how speakers can cost over 4 grand!! The icing on the cake is that they look beautiful too. Their dramatic but simple lines look contemporary and elegant in oak veneer. They look part of the furniture and stand elegantly alongside my oak hifi rack."
Mr C, Wimborne
"I have been a HiFi and music enthusiast since the early 70's and I have owned more equipment than I care to remember. I have had speakers from Kef (104/2), Celestion (SL6), Linn, Rogers and lots more. But having found PMC with my 20.26's I will never use any other speaker company. I have also owned a pair of 20.23's, a superb speaker and now, having moved back to a much larger room I run a pair of 25.24's. Awesome with my Naim 272/250dr electronics and Clearaudio turntable."
Mr M, Burton
"Ottimo prodotto! Suono coinvolgente, dinamico e molto corretto. Estetica piacevole."
"The product is excellent. Good job."
Mr E, Drancy
"I chose Pmc twenty5 24 for their amazing sound and rhythm, also the bass is really tight and deep which is what I was looking for. The speakers are also of exceptional high quality, the wood veneer finish is outstanding. Along with the high quality of the binding posts, engineered bases etc I would highly recommend these speakers as the best I have owned since my first hifi twenty five years ago, they are exceptional products."
Mr D, Newtownards
"Eén woord: fantastisch!"
Mr O, Orroir


ATL Tecnology

PMC’s unique (Advanced Transmission Line) enclosures have taken loudspeaker design to the highest level, using sophisticated cabinet construction, proprietary drive units, and patented absorption materials and techniques. The benefits are enormous compared to the relatively simple sealed and ported designs currently available elsewhere. Find out more

ATL Tecnology

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