Those with substantial rooms and musical appetites to match will crave the largest two-way in the range. The twenty5.24 is capable of recreating a spine-tingling sense of presence; close your eyes and you can almost touch the performers. The combination of the latest advances in drive unit technology and our groundbreaking Laminair system make this model as precise and detailed as the music deserves. A loudspeaker of this calibre takes every performance to a higher level.


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    • twenty5.24
    • May '17
    • twenty5.24
    • July – Sept '17

Customer Reviews

"Excellent: good to look at, fantastic sound."
Mr J, North Shields
"Have just purchased, so the speakers are not yet fully "run in". However, I am extremely impressed so far."
Mr R, Staplecross
"Reviews of the twenty5.23 put them on my listening list although 50% more expensive than I wanted to spend. They were astonishingly better than the others I auditioned (B&W CM8, Focal Aria 926, KEF R700), mainly because they were more accurate and yet musical than these. Particularly when fast bass or vocals were involved, or rapid dynamic changes, the PMCs kept the music together so that you could hear a lot more, without losing any of the fun. The multi-driver towers actually sounded muddy with some tracks, which the 23s never did. Best examples of the differences are: the sense of the hall in Angela Hewitt's 2000 recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations, the double-time vocals of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross singing with the Brubeck Quartet on The Real Ambassadors, or the slam, strum and melodic guitar on Tamacun from Rodrigo Y Gabriela's first album. I then made the "mistake" of listening to the .23s against the .24s: the .23s seem to focus the sound at the listener, which is very appealing (although I noted a wide and accurate soundstange compared to non-PMC), but the comparative openness of the .24s is more realistic and doesn't lose the drive of the .23s. There is noticeably more tone to bass notes without losing timing (listen to Donna Lee from Jaco Pastorius's eponymous album or the bass trombone of Chris Brubeck in Concord on a Summer Night) and the slightly increased sensitivity has very subtle benefits in clarity at moderate gains on my A85 amp. Although another grand and half the step-up is worth it and I doubt I will ever be buying speakers again."
Mr C, Lamberhurst
"Świetne kolumny! Jeśli w przyszłości będę chciał je zmienić to tylko na wyższy model :)!"
Mr P, Łódź
"At last I am delighted with the sound of my system. My new PMC twenty5 24 speakers sound really good with my Chord Hugo2 and Naim Supernait2."
Mr S, Tadley
"These speakers are amazing! I thought that my FB1+ speakers were pretty special but the Twenty5.24s take things to an entirely different level. I have a Gyrodec with Adikt cartridge, a Linn Majik CD player and a Sugden Masterclass amp. The resulting music is audio heaven! Thank you very much, guys."
Mr C, Mansfield


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PMC’s unique (Advanced Transmission Line) enclosures have taken loudspeaker design to the highest level, using sophisticated cabinet construction, proprietary drive units, and patented absorption materials and techniques. The benefits are enormous compared to the relatively simple sealed and ported designs currently available elsewhere. Find out more

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