The twenty5.21 is proof that great things come in small packages. Don’t let its compact size fool you; this loudspeaker is nothing less than remarkable. Its complex ATL and Laminair vent mean that you get speed, weight and transparency, with the greatest bass extension of any loudspeaker this size.

Whether on a shelf or its performance-enhancing stand, the twenty5.21 excels with all types of music. Its articulate mid-range, clear, open highs and profound bass mean it can fill rooms both medium and small with astonishing ease.


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    • twenty5.21
    • January '17
    • twenty5.21
    • February '17

Customer Reviews

"These are small speakers with the right amount of bass for my small room. The control and clarity of the instruments in the music is perfect. Music that previously sounded a jumbled mess to the point of not being enjoyable, even though I love the artist, has been straightened out and I can finally hear what is going on!"
Mr P, Sandy
"I am in the burning in stage with these speakers but already these are a major improvement over my previous pair bringing out the quality of my Primare CD player and Amplifier and look forward to them reaching the quality shown in the demonstration at Analogue Seduction who selected these as speakers you have to hear. I am very pleased with the quality of construction and look forward to re-discovering my CD collection again."
Mr R, Ely
"The pair of PMC twenty5 21s performed very well in demonstration against stiff competition. I have only just taken delivery of the new pair, so they are still in their running-in phase. But they already show a refined sound with excellent clarity through the frequency range. I look forward to listening to them when they are fully settled in."
Mr J, Ripe
"I have purchased these twenty5 21's to replace some older PMC Gb1i's. As I don't have the room for larger floorstander's I decided this time to go with stand mount speakers. Placed about 15cm from the wall on Partington stands, these little PMC's really sound superb. I'm running Arcam CD27 and an A39 Amp. Once spinning a disc, after a track or two, I realise just how drawn in to the music I have become, which leads to playing disc after disc. Thanks in large to these PMC's my music has become such an enjoyable listen, and lets face it that's what its all about."
Mr N, Derby
"I love my new PMC twenty5.21 speakers. I am looking forward to playing all my old records again! What a beautiful sound."
Mr A, Ipswich
"Ondanks de moeilijk kamer waarin de speakers staan presteren zij optimaal met een grote sound stage en een zeer gedetailleerd beeld met een prachtig midden een strak en zeer detail rijk laag en een hoog om van te watertanden, wat vooral opvalt is de natuurlijke klank van de zang en instrumenten."
Mr H, Ferwerd


ATL Tecnology

PMC’s unique (Advanced Transmission Line) enclosures have taken loudspeaker design to the highest level, using sophisticated cabinet construction, proprietary drive units, and patented absorption materials and techniques. The benefits are enormous compared to the relatively simple sealed and ported designs currently available elsewhere. Find out more

ATL Tecnology

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