The pinnacle of the legendary twenty series, the twenty.26 features the same traits as its siblings - finesse, delicacy and musicality - but with an added ability to convey huge dynamic impact and the sheer scale of a musical performance, it can engulf the largest room. This exceptional, well thought out design will excel with a vast array of amplification due to its ease of drive and well-tempered balance, and its transparency ensures that users improving other elements of their signal path will appreciate the full benefit of their upgrades. This is a model that takes every musical style in its stride, and delivers the greatest level of overall clarity of any of the twenty series, or indeed of any speaker in this class.

Customer Reviews

"I had a pair of FB1i's for about 5 years and loved them, but the twenty.26's are in a different league. The mid-range driver reveals a lot more detail in music, but the twenty.26's achieve this without ever sounding clinical. They retain what I consider to be the great PMC strengths - firm bass, great imaging and sheer musicality. In short, they are simply captivating."
Mr P, Bolton
"Wonderful sound,and gorgeous looks,extremely happy"
"Sound is outstanding. PMC twenty 26 match my Leema Tucana 2 and Antila 2s Eco perfectly."
Mr H, Grimsby
"Am listening through new Tellurium Q Blacks which need to run in but I can tell there's a transformation from my original Spendor SP1s. I was 'new' in getting back into hifi and in my trips round the web and magazine purchases I kept seeing PMC mentioned. Considered Spendor D7 and ATC SCM40 but here I am - very chuffed indeed."
Mr D, Ilfracombe
"Das Interview mit Peter Thomas in Stereo hat mich sehr beeindruckt, sodass ich bald danach Kontakt aufnahm zu Klaus Herrmann. Nach ersten Gesprächen dann endlich die Töne aus der Twenty 26, diese Box hat mich sofort fasziniert. Nach einigen Versuchen bei mir Zuhause fasziniert sie mich seit 2. August wenn immer ich Musik höre. Tolle Firma, tolle Lautsprecher"
Mr M, Wiesbaden
"After gradually upgrading much of my equipment (Audio Research: LS7(tube), DAC8, PH6(tube), D200, Rotel CD/DVD player, Linn LP12 w/Well Tempered arm/Benz Micro REF S, Dynalab FT101A Analog Tuner, Transparent Audio Cable/Interconnects) - I finally decided to upgrade my speakers of 19 years (Martin Logan Aerius i) to the PMC Twenty-26. I'm enjoying listening to and hearing even more details in my music collection... the midrange is superb, bass is taut, I'm hearing more of the music. Thank you for a beautifully engineered product."
Mr D, San Diego


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PMC’s unique (Advanced Transmission Line) enclosures have taken loudspeaker design to the highest level, using sophisticated cabinet construction, proprietary drive units, and patented absorption materials and techniques. The benefits are enormous compared to the relatively simple sealed and ported designs currently available elsewhere. Find out more

ATL Tecnology

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