twenty twenty24

There is no doubting the ability of the twenty.24 to project the full scale of the recording in a larger room with complete authority and accuracy. The extended ATL™ technology housed within these slender elegant towers delivers deep articulate bass and is a clear step up in performance with improved resolution in all areas.

Available Finishes:
Walnut, Amarone, Diamond Black, Oak
Crossover Frequency:
H 1028mm 40.47” (+25mm spikes) W 184mm 7.25” D 419mm 16.5” (+6mm grille)
Drive Units:
LF PMC twenty series, lightweight doped 6.5”/170mm cone with cast alloy chassis , HF PMC/SEAS®, 27mm twenty series, SONOLEX™ soft dome, Ferrofluid cooled
Effective ATL™ Length:
3.0m 9.8ft
Frequency Response:
28Hz – 25kHz
8 Ohm
Input Connectors:
2 pairs 4mm sockets (Bi-amp or Bi-wire)
90dB 1w 1m
21kg 46.2 lbs
Review Author Datesort ascending Publication
Can PMC's twenty.24 get close to the fact.8's performance at around half the cost? Martin Colloms 05/07/2012 Hi-Fi Critic
PMC twenty.24 Loudspeakers Doug Schneider 15/06/2012 Soundstage! Hi-Fi
Top twenty Adam Smith 01/06/2012 Hi-Fi World
Twenty.24 review 01/05/2012 Audio, Germany
Happy Anniversary! Celebrate 20 Years of PMC in Style with the New Twenty.24 Jason Kennedy 01/02/2012 Hi -Fi+
Award Description Date Publication
Best Buy

Awarded in January's issue of HiFi Critic.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 HiFi Critic
"These speakers are of a very high quality with superb sound once set up properly to the listeners own ears they will give you hours of absolute pleasure and they are a lovely colour in Amerone and will continue to sound better and the colour will become richer over time and with a twenty years guarantee you will have plenty of time to thoroughly enjoy any PMC products"
Mr L, Kenilworth Warwickshire
"I went to buy the Twenty23's but came out with the 24's. Soon as I got them home I knew I'd made the right choice. Outstanding speakers and they replaced my Monitor Audio GR60's with ease and then some!"
Mr S, Wakefield
"astonishing....little power from my tube amplifier huge sound, character and precision all around...thanks PMC"
Mr W, Vimodrone
"This is the best hi if upgrade I have ever made. The speakers perform perfectly with amazing clarity!"
Mr J, Oldham
"Great speakers!"
Mr T, Tonbridge
"I can hear parts of the music now I have never heard, also the music sounds more natural. the bass is more controlled & precise."
Mr T, Sunderland
"j ai hésité avec les twenty 26 mais ne pouvant les écouter ,j ai choisi les twenty 24 et j en suis très content . Le son est agréable et réel . Pour l instant elles n ont que 3 heures de fonctionnement et me plaisent déjà .."
"Having bought (and still in possession of) the original FB1s, I know and like the PMC sound. My previous system was Quad ELS 57s with quad amps, but I had to replace them when I moved to a house with smaller rooms. My system is now Cyrus based and works beautifully with PMC. I am very impressed with the Twenty 24s. They are incredibly revealing and despite the deterioration in my own hearing due to age and playing in a band for 20 years, I am hearing more detail than ever before and the bass is very impressive. They are a noticeable improvement on my much loved FB1s. Well done!"
Mr K, Pinner
"Very best at the same price level among all other manufacturers."
Mr Y, Rosehill
"The Twenty 24 with my Naim set up are just amazing in my living room. Outstanding with FLAC files and forgiving with MP3. Superb sound whether classical rock or jazz."
Mr C, Dubai
"The sound is unbelieveble. Before the twenty 24 i had the FB1. That sounds also really good. But the twenty 24 sounds breathtaking. I have to discover all my music again."
Mr W, Purmerend
"It is early days and they are still running in but the detailing and musical presentation gives an amazing improvement over my ancient Mission 774's."
Mr P, Basingstoke
"Excellents speakers très ouverts et détaillés très doux sans aucune agressivité, sans parler de l'esthétique très réussie et de la finition irréprochable.J'adore mes nouveaux pmc et je suis certain que mon choix est final pour le reste de ma vie. Tank you very much to pmc."
Mr P, Terrebonne
"Perfect product straight out of the box"
Mr A, London
"Simply awesome,far better then expected."
Mr R, Uxbridge
"Fantastic sound, unbelievable !!!!"
Mr S, Manchester
"DALE was excellent and helped guide us to the right speakers to match our Cyrus system"
Mr R, Hilperton Marsh
Mr S, Colwyn bay
"Out of box experience exceptionally good and to think that after they're 'run in' they may sound even better. The 24 is in a league of its own, if you can afford the extra grand over the 23 (the 23's a cracking 'speaker which I also auditioned and was my preferred choice before checking out the 24) you get a far better sonic improvement. If you can only go up to the 23's then don't listen to the 24's because they will spoil you."
Mr R, Southampton
"Out of box experience exceptionally good and to think that after they're 'run in' they may sound even better. The 24 is in a league of its own, if you can afford the extra grand over the 23 (the 23's a cracking 'speaker which I also auditioned and was my preferred choice before checking out the 24) you get a far better sonic improvement. If you can only go up to the 23's then don't listen to the 24's because they will spoil you."
Mr R, Southampton
"After spending the best part of the last 10 years waiting for the right moment to buy new speakers and I'm delighted with these Twenty-24's. They sound terrific and look stylish. I look forward to many years of happy listening. "
Mr L, Stanmore
"I find my PMC 24 beyond my expectation, it has very open and clear sound, very well controlled bass, even when they are straight out from the box. Wonderful speakers! "
Mr W, Cambridge
"I am very impressed by these speakers, all my music, which is in digital format, sounds significantly clearer, smoother and tighter, especially in the bass. I am looking forward to many years of enjoyment with these top class speakers! "
Mr F, Ipswich
"An absolute revelation! "
Mr G, Sedlescombe
"This combination provides an extraordinary system in our small living room. The PMC speakers deliver exceptional sound and we have never been so pleased with an audio equipment purchase as we have with the twenty.24 speakers. "
Mr G, Hillsboro
"My PMC Twenty 24 are excellent, sublime. I am very proud to own them. "
Mr T, Monts
"I'm rediscovering my music collection. Since you already have a "fact" series, maybe we can call this "truth"!" "
Mr W, Wapato
"Forget the speakers. Forget the pieces of equipment. Just listen. To music. Keep your eyes open though, because they are beautiful as well... This is the feeling that I get when turning these Twenty 24 on! Thanks for these masterpieces. "
Mr D, France
"I'm really impressed with the Twenty.24s, they were stunning at auditions at my dealers and even more so at home. They look stylish and fit in well and sound brilliant. "
Mr R, Horsham
"Just running them in, but the detail and clarity is amazing! They look great in the black too. These are the replacement for my FB1's, which I had for 11 years. "
Mr B, Knebworth
"Never knew how what my system was capable of until i got these speakers. very happy and feeling privileged to own PMC's. "
Mr L, Grayshott
"Less is more". from the poem - The Faultless Painter. Less is more, "Foot tapping delight" - The Faultless Twenty24 (No need to say anything else!)" "
Mr C, Bishop Auckland
"Fantastic finish. Already sounding amazing and have only just started to run them in. "
Mr W, Ellington
"Very pleased. "
Mr H, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
"Excellent finish on these Piano Black speakers, they look fantastic and sound great. "
Mr S, Sheffield
"Really impressed. "
Mr C, Tisbury
"Awesome! "
Mr D, London
"In 40 years of HIFI I've never had such a great listening. "
Mr A, Aubervilliers
"Fantastic Sound - I love them :-) "
Mr A, Derby
"They are superb - warm, mellow but with a fine treble - clear and detailed. Lovely build as well. They fill the room with sound. "
Mr H, Witchford
"Simply brilliant. There have added a whole new dimension to my music. "
Mr C, Little Bollington
"The Diamond Black finish looks stunning. With a bit of running in, I'm sure these speakers will sound just as stunning. They sound very good indeed already, and there's an astonishing detail and clarity to their sound. "
Mr .S, Bath
"Plays excellent at low volume. I look forward to hear them with Hi-resolution material. "
Mr E, Stockholm
"The market is flooded with speakers around the 4-6K range, and there are plenty of great sounding speakers out there. Having listened to quite a few of them in side-by-side comparisons over three years, the PMC Twenty 24s really do stand out. "
"Look and sound sublime - beautiful expressive sound with a wonderful base - great with all types of music. The sleek slimline dimensions mean it fits anywhere in the home environment. "
Mr G, Chepstow
"The speakers have opened a new world for me. They elevate my musiccollection too a higher level. "
Mr D, Munsterbilzen
"Our PMC speakers are without doubt the best we have owned.....They also look absolutely stunning with their tall, sleek design. All in all, we are extremely happy with them and hope they will last the full Twenty! "
Mr G, Boston
"Twenty year warranty gives peace of mind that I will enjoy my music for many years to come. "
Mr G, Chepstow
"Superb sounding product. I just cannot get over how much of a difference in detail and control there is compared to other speakers I have listened to. "
Mr G, Clapton in Gordano
"Lovely sound and design "
Mr M, Oslo
"The 24s have changed the way I enjoy music. Awesome! "
Mr F, Leeds
"I have purchased a number of AV products over the past 12 years and my PMC 24s are without doubt the one purchase I was most excited about unpacking after a demo at my local Sevenoaks in Bristol. "
Mr G, Clapton in Gordano
"The PMC's are exceptional speakers - accurate, subtly tuned, excelling in truthfully & naturally presenting intricate music. Reproduction of speech is also outstandingly faithful to the human voice. Congratulations on producing such a fine product. "
Mr R, R
"Purchased to replace PMC GB1i's. Still running in but bigger soundstage immediately apparent and the additional detail now heard in familiar music has made the upgrade well worth while. Fantastic build quality too. Very, very satisfied. "
Mr S, Diss
"I am a surgeon. I need accuracy and precision. I choose PMC. "
Mr M, Eastbourne
"Still 'running in', but very impressed with clarity and detail. "
Mr S, Grimsby
"I have now just got 3000+ new improved cds/records to listen to all over again, That's a lot of wine to be drunk whilst enjoying my music. I didn't know what I was missing. Perfect, Thanks. "
Mr .W, Mailing
"Just opened and positioned these beautiful speakers...The clarity and detail were impressive...I am very pleased with the performance to date of these speakers and they look lovely. Well done PMC. "
Mr H, Doncaster
" Very nice speaker. Very well build. Sounds fantastic. I really love them. British best! "
Mr V, Netherlands
"We took our CD player, amplifier and floorstanders to Analogue Seduction and tested them against several hi-end floorstanders using our own well-listened to CDs...the twenty-24s won by a short head. "
Mr P, Bury St. Edmunds
"Great speakers, well done. "
Mr S, Winterthur