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Certainly the first and overwhelming impression of the twenty.23 is an open, engaging and communicative loudspeaker. Its size defies both the depth of bass and scale of presentation by taking any music or film material in its stride. The sound is vivid and dynamic and delivered with authoritative bass. Close your eyes and their location dissolves.

Available Finishes:
Walnut, Amarone, Diamond Black, Oak
Crossover Frequency:
H 918mm 36.14” (+25mm spikes) W 152mm 6.0” D 330mm 13.0” (+6mm grille)
Drive Units:
LF PMC twenty series, lightweight doped 5.5”/140mm cone with cast alloy chassis , HF PMC/SEAS®, 27mm twenty series, SONOLEX™ soft dome, Ferrofluid cooled
Effective ATL™ Length:
2.4m 7.8ft
Frequency Response:
29Hz – 25kHz
8 Ohm
Input Connectors:
2 pairs 4mm sockets (Bi-amp or Bi-wire)
87dB 1w 1m
13.2kg 29 lbs
Review Author Datesort ascending Publication
Review - PMC twenty.23 Staff 01/11/2012 Gramophone
Small, but with a sound to behold 01/08/2012 What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision
Twenty.23 review 19/06/2012 Stereoplay, Germany
Twenty's Vision Paul Messenger 05/12/2011 Hi-Fi Choice
Award Description Date Publication
Best Floor-Standing £1500+

"Brilliantly balanced and undemanding, but they sound terrific"

Monday, October 21, 2013 What Hi-Fi, Sound & Vision
Best Floor-Standing £1500+

“If you’re looking for a top-class pair of compact floorstanders, look no further”

Friday, October 19, 2012 What Hi-Fi, Sound & Vision


  • "Superb deep bass when its there on the recording not boomy but smooth balanced sound" Mr. P, West Wickham
  • "I'm absolutely thrilled with the quality of sound emanating from my twenty.23s and they haven't even been broken into yet. I'm looking forward to many years of listening pleasure." Mr. D, Blackwood
  • "Fabulous! I auditioned a lot of speakers from £1000 to £3500 and the PMC's stood out from the crowd. There is some fierce competition out there but the 23's excited me more than any of the others." Mr. S, Cinderford
  • "I absolutely love the speakers. I listened to several others speakers when auditioning hifi equipment recently. The PMCs produce such a clear, balanced sound. They make it seem as though the musicians are in the room." Mr. T, Huntingdon
  • "I am impressed with the reach, detailed and well balanced sound quality. Relisting my record collection will take quite a while, but discovering ‘new sound’ of the ‘old records’ is quite an enjoyable activity" Mr. W, Bristol
  • "Very pleased so far." Mr. D, Tunbridge Wells
  • "I was blown away with the sound." Mr. E, Newton Abbot
  • "totally amazing set of speakers on my first proper listen today!" Mr. Y, North Shields
  • "Chuffed to bits." Mr. C, Nottingham
  • "Excellent clarity" Mr. G, Buckfastleigh
  • "A great all round speaker worth five stars and even more" Mr. P, North Shields
  • "Very pleased so far" Mr. C, Swindon
  • "Excellent sound and you can physically feel the music, almost as good as being there." Mr. P, Bolton
  • "Very impressed." Mr. M, Oxford
  • "I've just got the Twenty.23s set-up. Fabulous, easily the best speakers I've owned. An ease and a joy to listen too." Mr. P, Penarth
  • "Absolutely love my twenty 23 speakers. Not only do they sound better and clearer than I expected, but the sloping back walnut cabinets look marvellous too - its like having a piece of art in our living room..." Mr, H, Kingston Upon Thames
  • "Straight out of the box and they sound great. I can wait to get then "run in" as they will get even better...Thanks to Notts HiFi for they’re time and advice and to the team at PMC who were always there to answer any of my questions." Mr. C, Sutton
  • "The wife loved them immediately she saw them installed at home and was impressed by their presentation. I was right to upgrade." Mr.M, Luton
  • "These 23's look and sound absolutely stunning in my room. Even my wife likes them!" Mr. S, Romsey
  • "Superb, detailed sound filling the room from stylish enclosures which bely their size! Worth every penny." Mr.H, Coaley
  • "I can believe you get such an awsome sound with brilliant sound stage from such small cabinets". Mr. M, Airdrie
  • " I'm extremely pleased with the 2023s!" Mr S, Chingford
  • "The sound is excellent and the separation outstanding. Its like hearing the music for the first time!" Mr. H, Kent
  • "Absolutely captivated by the presentation of these twenty 23's - they sound so much better than I remember from first auditioning them. I'm also impressed by the very high quality of workmanship and the modern yet classy appearance." Mr.S, Weybridge
  • "Sounded glorious even 10 minutes out of the box, and are still getting better. Sounded glorious even 10 minutes out of the box, and are still getting better." Mr. B, Burntwood
  • "Fantastic Loudspeakers. Open detailed sound with natural musicality" Mr. I, Tadley
  • "Speakers are very punchy but smooth in delivery." Mr. W, Abernathy
  • "Speakers are great, very impressed with quality." Mr.W, Ashford
  • "My new PMC speakers are, needless to say, wonderful." Mr. W, London
  • "They were by some margin better sounding than any of the other similar loudspeakers in the dealer's shop." Mr. B, Paignton
  • "All I can say is I am enjoying every minute as my CDs have never sounded so good, it is almost like hearing them for the first time." Mr. B, Lincoln
  • "What brilliant speakers!!! They sound open, natural and have brought a degree of life and realism to my music that is as close as I've experienced to actually being there." Mr. S, Cowes
  • "Totally satisfied customer...,The Twenty 23's excel in my system and have amazed me in so many ways." Mr. T, Croydon
  • "Amazing product. Everything I expected and more! WAF is very high, as well." Mr. P, Issaquah
  • "Absolutely wonderful." Mr. H, Tatsfield
  • "Expansive sound without the expense. A thoroughly rewarding purchase." Mr. W, Felthorpe
  • "The speakers are brilliant a retirement present to myself." Mr. L, Debenham
  • "Brilliant speakers, no words can describe!" Mr. W, Poole
  • "They are perfect" Mr. H, Blagdon
  • "Brilliant!" Mr.G, Ruislip
  • "In the short time I've had them, they sound sublime. Bass is deep and well controlled and midrange and higher frequencies are refined and exciting." Mr. Marlborough
  • "Earlier in the year I received very helpful and courteous service at your demo (Bristol Hi Fi show).Thanks in part to that I have now been able to purchase my long desired speakers when funds allowed. Thanks again for a great service." Mr. Marlborough
  • "Sound quality is magnificent. Operatic voices are wonderfully clear right across the range." Mrs. F, Winchester
  • "Simply wonderful!" Mr. B, Berlin
  • "Purchased on the basis of three independent dealer recommendations and a subsequent listening test in competition with other manufacturers' products...We are delighted with our purchase. Mr. W, Manchester
  • "I've just got the Twenty.23s set-up. Fabulous, easily the best speakers I've owned. An ease and a joy to listen too." Mr. P, Penarth
  • "Just running them in but already they sound fantastic...Thank you!" Mr. B, Guisborough
  • "Got a giant improvement in my system. All music I'm listening to sounds like new now: more detail, presence of (human) voices, strings and cymbals with a real sound and piano with full range of frequencies. Highly recommended." Mr. F, Gerenzano
  • "They are far and away the best thing I have heard at this price range...Brilliant!" Mr. H, Bath
  • "Beautiful quality of sound and looks. All the clarity, depth and fullness you could want in a speaker." Mr. S, Isleworth
  • "Only installed a few days ago, so early days, but the Twenty 23s sound absolutely amazing." Mr. G, Ashford
  • "Excellent." Mr. B, Ashburton
  • "Amazing!" Mr. J, Isleworth
  • "I've only listened to them for a couple of hours, so still not run-in yet, but a huge step up for me. Very pleased." Mr. H, Leeds
  • "Sublime. Transparent. Airy. Detailed. Live. Big clear and tight image. Acoustic guitars mirror their true sound and individual character. Violins sound like violins. Bass is clear, unmuddled, tuneful and balanced. I could go on!" Mr. Q, NORTH HOBART
  • "These speakers really let you "see" and hear the muscians. The TWENTY.23's communicate to the listener on a deep musical level." Mr. Q, NORTH HOBART
  • "I'm listening to real music...the speakers seem to have disappeared. ***** I could give stars all day long. Thank you" Mr. K, Abergele
  • "Breathed new life and clarity into my music collection." Mr. M, Westerham
  • "Excellent, as expected." Mr. L, Penarth
  • "Nice product! Great sound." Mr. C, Hong Kong
  • "Fantastic loudspeaker, ideal size for small to medium rooms. Very open, detailed sound with a incredible bass performance for size. Workmanship and finish of speaker is outstanding." Mr. J, Liverpool
  • "F'in marvellous, so laid back, clean and detailed. Thanks Paul @ hifi lounge for the suggestion and pmc for such good kit." Mr. C, Milton Keynes
  • "Great opened sound stage, precise, fast, detail resolution, with space and air. Replacement of large towers that costed the double, the 22 are more musical and breathing, I like them better, Very happy! Thanks!" Mr. C, Berlin
  • "Superbly balanced pair, formidable bass without boom and reverberation found in others and high frequency clarity that is unsurpassed...These speakers handle it all effortlessly." Mr. W, Stocksfield
  • "We have only had the speakers for a couple of weeks but so far they have lived up to our expectations!" Mr. T, Ashford
  • "My old speakers were no slackers & matched my kit well, so a replacement had to really stand out. No lows, insightful highs. More emotion & energy. Spot on." Mr. B, Crowthorne
  • "Excellent reproduction of recordings. Love the speakers, beautiful design." Mr. W, London
  • "Beautiful" Mr. P, Hastings
  • "They're awesome. I've been trying to replace my existing speakers for many years and these are the first speakers I've heard on a realistic budget that beat them in every area." Mr. D, Chesterfield
  • "I'm really, really pleased with my purchase, well done!" Mr. D, Chesterfield
  • "They are replacements for my OB1s which were too large for my new home. I am delighted with them." Mr. M, Long Compton
  • "Awesome!!!!" Mr. W, London
  • "Stunning! Brilliant sound staging, tremendous sense of space between instruments, astonishing mid range clarity, depth of bass and sweet natural treble." Mr. F, Liskeard
  • "Yes the reviews already tell you that, but you have to hear it to really understand just how good these are. Every track played brings a new sonic experience that'll have you grinning from ear to ear!" Mr. F, Liskeard
  • "I still don't know how I came to be seated in a demo room listening to speakers. Boy, did Lewis know what he was doing when he played me the PMCs. Blew the competition away...and at any price. As the saying goes, they got me at hello." Mr. C, Sidmouth
  • "Fantastic product, well done guys." Mr. B, Worksop
  • "Really like them they replaced FB1i as FB1i were a little too big but 23 more than a match for the FB1i." Mr. F, Martlesham Heath
  • "Great British high quality product, keep it up!" Mr. T, North Shields
  • "Awesome sound, awesome looks!" Mr B. Netherlands
  • "Very happy - surpassing my expectation on day one. It may be 32 degrees outside but who cares - this is magic!" Mr. J, Surrey
  • "What a speaker!" Mr. M, Netherlands
  • "Amazingly clear and transparent speaker, almost 3d in their stereo imaging. I'm really going to enjoy going through my back catalogue of CD's and listening to how they should of always sounded!" Mr. W, Tamworth
  • " I am delighted with the sound quality. I can now hear distinctly previously hidden instruments." Mr. B, Shefford
  • "Still running the speakers in but the sound is excellent. No complaints about the product." Mr C, Banchory
  • "Lovely speakers. Fresh, feels live no matter what you play. Superb quality. Good to see that they are hand made." Mr. B, Bristol
  • "Perfection - I enjoy the speakers each and every time they are used." Mr. N, Warwick
  • "Beautiful design - the wife loves them…Had only a few hours and they're warming up and getter better. Demonstrably better than my old speakers - here's to another 25 years!" Mr. S, Colchester
  • "I'm still burning the speakers in but already the sound is incredible. I love them!" Mr. T, London
  • "Great build quality. Sound is fast, detailed with good base response compared to any speaker I have owned before." Mr. R, Morden
  • "The musical presentation is such that all CD's I have played, so far sound much better, with more separation between instruments and many sound like totally different recordings." Mr. R, Morden
  • "Highly recommend these speaker, but unfortunately I will soon be upgrading to Fact 12's. Can't wait!" Mr. R, Morden
  • "Fantastic sound!!!" Mr. R, Surrey
  • "Terrific speakers!" Mr. L, Singapore
  • "Only just taken them out of the box and they sound stunning. Looking forward to many hours of wonderful listening. Many thanks!" Mr. P, Bolton
  • "Amazing ! So much cleaner sound than the speakers which they have replaced." Mr. S, Checkley