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twenty twenty22

An astonishingly natural balance and high dynamic capability are the hallmarks of this speaker. The twenty.22 conveys music in its purest form by utilising ATL™ technology, which provides a high degree of control over an extensive frequency range. It creates a precise sound stage and profound bass performance from a stand-mount cabinet and thanks to its effortless nature can be enjoyed for long periods at high or low level.

Available Finishes:
Walnut, Amarone, Diamond Black, Oak
Crossover Frequency:
H 410mm 16.14” W 184mm 7.25” D 367mm 14.45” (+6mm grille)
Drive Units:
LF PMC twenty series, lightweight doped 6.5”/170mm cone with cast alloy chassis , HF PMC/SEAS®, 27mm twenty series, SONOLEX™ soft dome, Ferrofluid cooled
Effective ATL™ Length:
2.0m 6.5ft
Frequency Response:
40Hz – 25kHz
8 Ohm
Input Connectors:
2 pairs 4mm sockets (Bi-amp or Bi-wire)
90dB 1w 1m
8kg 17.6 lbs
Review Author Datesort ascending Publication
Why spend £2K? Staff 06/10/2014 What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision
Twenty twenty vision Jason Kennedy 01/06/2012 Hi-Fi Choice
New Standmounters Boost PMC's Impressive Range 09/01/2012 What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision
Award Description Date Publication
Best standmounter £1200+

"Nothing has managed to beat these highly impressive speakers.

Monday, October 13, 2014 What Hi-Fi, Sound & Vision
Best Standmounter £1500+

"Hugely impressive scale and authority for their size"

Monday, October 21, 2013 What Hi-Fi, Sound & Vision


"Splendid Loudspeakers"
Mr N, Bisceglie - Bt
"Impressed by the build quality as soon as they came out of the box, running them in as we speak. Great service from a PMC award wining dealer. On my wages I had to sell a kidney to buy them but I am in no doubt they will be worth every penny."
Mr T, Southampton
"Amazing speakers straight out of the box, such a big step up from previous speakers. I am truly pleased to the bone."
"Following an excellent demonstration at the Bristol Hi Fi show and information from Keith Tonge we took advantage of the show discount. The speakers were delivered on Thursday which was great service. Despite still running in they sound absolutely stunning, we are delighted."
Mr G, Banbury
"The Twenty 22s sounded fantastic straight up they are running straight from my Unitiqute 2 just got some NAC a5 cable to try and will soon have a NAP 250 connected. I am really looking forward to hearing them as they run in."
Mr B, Mount Pleasant
"PMC twenty 22 are very good speakers. Thank you."
Mr D, Hue City
"I have been the proud owner of a pair of twenty-22's for one week, but already they have had an impact on the pleasure I get from my CD and vinyl (streaming is coming!) collections. The detail is phenominal as are the dynamics and depth. Superb."
Mr D, Dartford
"Outstanding, so much better than I thought they would be."
Mr D, Gateshead
"Tight clear sound with a full range."
Mr P, Upper caldecote
"After having the Twenty 21's for about 12 months I decided to take the plunge and upgrade to the 22's for a wider range of music bass and all round step up in quality and so far I haven't been disappointed."
Mr S, Bangor
"Nice speakers."
Mr A, Moscow
"Sound amazing for the size, wanted floorstanders but my wife decided otherwise and had to buy standmounts and put them on a bookcase (hence closed or ATL vs back ported). No regrets as they are fantastic, probably my favourite for music (along with Monitor Audio Platinums) on my Simaudio Moon i5.3 but I will need a small subwoofer for home cinema."
Mr A, London
"I don't know anything about all the technicality's, and I've never spent this sort of money on speakers before, but they are the best I've ever heard all my music sound. I've suddenly got all my interest back, life's worth living again, i love them. Many thanks, from a very happy old man."
"My main listening medium are CD's, and these speakers partnered with Naim absolutely excel. The speed, control and clarity is phenomenal. Straight out the box there performance has exceeded my expectations, I'm informed that they will only get better after the running period - can't wait. Sometimes the best does come in small packages."
Mr C, Basingstoke
"Excellent. I had the FB1i before and I think the 22's are superior to them. Both are excellent."
Mr G, Winnipeg
"I've only started using the 22s today so it would be unfair to comment as yet given they will need time to run in. They do sound pretty good straight out of the box but I hope for continuous improvement over the next few weeks. I needed to put the speakers against a back wall so the front mounted transmission line exit was a very important part in my choice. Also, I would like to commend Criterion Audio who supplied the speakers - a proper hi fi dealer........and there aren't many of those around."
Mr P, Norwich
"Excellent sound even though not yet run in."
Mr D, Winterbourne Stoke
"My first standmount, sound great and can't wait untill they're run in."
Mr A, Abbey wood
"Already very happy with my first PMC purchase !!!"
"The Twenty.22's are quite revealing, nimble, and still very authoritative for being a bookshelf. It's pretty amazing what they are capable of!"
"Great clarity and detail."
Mr J, Derby
"Beautiful sound from a small (bookshelf) package that is very wife friendly in size and appearance."
Mr J, London
"It's sounds beautiful"
Mr S, Singapore
"I am so pleased with the first pair I bought for use in my music room, I purchased another pair for the lounge. "
Mr N, Manchester
"Performance that of speakers in higher price bracket. Definitely a five star product."
Mr F, London
"...when I heard the 22s it lifted the detail to a whole new level."
Mr R, Norwich
"...when I heard the 22s it lifted the detail to a whole new level."
Mr R, Norwich
"As soon as I started to listen to these speakers I just Knew that they are special, at lower listening levels they do not loose any of the musical structure with good sound staging and superb depth. "
Mr R, St Austell"
"First pmc speakers in my life. In love with the sound. "
Mr S, Netherlands
"Simply stunning well done PMC! "
Mr .R, St Austell
"Fantastic speakers! Plays wonderful even with Low Power Tube amps. "
Mr W, Goeppingen
"I am very happy with my twenty 22. It's amazing how natural and immersive it sounds. The texture of sounds is so real, you think you can touch it. And most of all - this speaker does it with ease. Great job! Thank You very much! "
Mr M, Kraków
"I cannot fault these speakers. If you too are into vinyl, like me, you probably couldn’t choose better for the price not to mention the added confidence given by their 20 year warranty. "
Mr C, Crawley Down
"Love the sound of the 22's. Great detail and clarity, and incredible soundstage. Gorgeous in piano black and love the slanted back styling, especially with the matching stands. They look and sound the business! "
Mr M, Newquay
"First day in and they sound amazing! Thanks PMC. "
Mr S, London
"Great value, fast, detailed and dynamic sound. "
Mr M, Northampton
"The performance of my twenty.22s is outstanding, hands down the best speakers I have ever owned. Fantastic, I look forward to many years of further enjoyment. Thank you PMC. "
Mr D, London
"I really like the 22 speakers - I never had a clear and good speaker like this - even my old floor standing speakers did not offer this deep and plenty bass. the tewenty 22 are yet small enough to have a high WAF (woman acceptance factor) "
Mr T, Italy
"After 10 days of revisiting my music collection my TV has barely been switched on. I've been hearing things within favourite, and well played, recordings that I didn't know existed. "
Mr D, London
"Stunning detail with enormous soundstage. Particularly like the fact that this remains at low listening levels. "
Mr M, Gateshead
"Seriously musical speakers. The way they present the music is infectious. "
Mr R, Reading
"My 22s have just arrived today, so haven't been run in yet. However, I've just had a pair on demo for over a week and they were sounding wonderful: open, accurate, detailed, fast, dynamic, rhythmic and emotionally engaging. "
Mr F, Cambridge
"P.E.R.F.E.C.T ... !!! "
Mr D, Strasbourg
"They perform great. The decision for these was almost immediate in the listening test. The sounds is so detailed is like having one speaker per instrument of the orchestra. "
Mr A, Kent
"The sound is wonderful!!! "
Mr B, London
"The speakers are indeed amazing. It is like my dealer said - once you join the PMC club, you never go back. I can't even imagine doing anything else than upgrading within the PMC range.....Way to go, PMC! "
Mr S, Riga
"I don't have words.... Dizzy Gillespie is playing in my room, it's wonderful!!!"
Mr B, Santa Cruz
"I just love it. "
Mr A, Thailand
"Totally satisfied! "
Mr D, Chieti
"I read the reviews and arranged for my local dealer to order them in. I tested them in store and immediately loved the sound. So clean, so clear. I bought them on the spot and set them up at home...and I think they sound better here. "
Mr W, Australia
"They are very detailed and ' natural ' sounding speakers with a seamless frequency range. The bass is effortless and strong, the soundstage is Big - wonderful for stand mount speakers! "
Mr M, Derby
"No regrets. Absolutely worth the hype. Thanks for such a wonderful product. "
Mr W, Australia
" PMCs will stay with me forever. I'm very proud to be an owner of the PMCs. "
Mr P, Goyang
"Excellent open, lively,fast, musical sound. A fine Product! "
Mr R, Sunderland
"Magnificent - they take you on an emotional journey - hearing things I've never heard before. "
Mr .B, Portsmouth
"In the acoustic world the twenty.22's are a beautiful creation and I will give them 60 hours of pleasure run-in, I certainly enjoy these beauts! Thank you! "
Mr G, Nottingham
"Great opened sound stage, precise, fast, detail resolution, with space and air. Replacement of large towers that costed the double, the 22 are more musical and breathing, I like them better, Very happy! Thanks! "
Mr D, Jouy le Moutier
"Great product! "
Mr E, Gothenburg
"Enjoying every minute I listen to these babies! "
Mr H, Zurich