twenty twenty21

Due to its complex ATL™ the twenty.21 has significantly more dynamic grip and depth of bass than any other speaker of this size.

It is a very effective musical communicator, with fine warmth through the mid range and a sweet and extended treble. It all adds up to a dynamite design, capable of dominating the compact loudspeaker market by reproducing all genres of music with ease.

Available Finishes:
Walnut, Amarone, Diamond Black, Oak
Crossover Frequency:
H 325mm 12.8” × W 152mm 6.0” × D 277mm 11.0” (+6mm grille)
Drive Units:
LF PMC twenty series, lightweight doped 5.5”/140mm cone with cast alloy chassis, HF PMC/SEAS®, 27mm twenty series, SONOLEX™ soft dome, Ferrofluid cooled
Effective ATL™ Length:
1.72m / 5.6ft
Frequency Response:
50Hz – 25kHz
Input Connectors:
2 pairs 4mm sockets (Bi-amp or Bi-wire)
87dB 1w 1m
5kg 11lbs
Review Author Datesort ascending Publication
PMC twenty.21 Jason Kennedy 29/05/2013 The Ear
Twenty Tot Adam Smith 30/07/2012 Hi-Fi World
Twenty.21 review 01/05/2012 Image HiFi, Germany
twenty.21 Ken Kessler 01/04/2012 Hi-Fi News
Compact Speakers Put a New Slant on the Music Tony Williams 03/01/2012 Gramophone
"Great speakers ...Sound and Build wonderfull !!!!"
Mr U, Frankfurt
Mrs H, Guangzhou/Guangdong
Mrs S, San Cristobal de La Laguna
"Soundheaven. This is MY speaker. The twenty 21 is the work of angels. I am 1000000% happy with my new twenty 21. Thanks!!!"
Mr S, Copenhagen
"Well these were the 5th pair of speakers that I have had on demo at my house. The retailer Basically Sound of Norfolk were very patient ! The PMC 21 stood out from the competition.The sound they portrayed was impressive. The base notes were there when needed, a nice tight base that didn't interfere with the mid or high notes. The vocal's on a recording stood out as well very clear, The 3D effect (if that's the right phrase) these speakers produce is impressive ! They certainly fill the room with a rich full sound ! Also when the speakers are played at a low volume the quality of the sound is still there.They are also very well built, very solid and well finished."
Mr M, Foulsham Dereham
"Just amazing and outstanding. If I can express myself and say - this is what I was looking for. Thank you for your hard work."
Mr J, Southampton
"Very satisfied! I will recommand it to friends!"
Mr A, Lausanne
"I wasn't thinking about changing my speakers until my Epos speakers developed a fault. The salesman recommended your speakers and after listening to a few other speakers like B+W and Kef I was amazed at how much I prefer your speakers. The sound was more natural on classical music which is what I listen to most frequently. Now that they are in the house I think they are better suited to my room than my Epos were. Thanks"
Mr J, Llantwit fardre
"Very nice sounding."
Mr N, Sheffield
"I have only been listening to them for a view days but I love the sound of them, and from what I have read they will sound even better over time."
Mr A, Wigan
"Very good out of the box or new sound. Was very impressed at the sound quality during the audition at the dealers."
"I have just purchased a pair of your twenty.21 speakers in Diamond Black with your purpose designed stands, absolutely stunning. One of the main reasons for the purchase was the size of the cabinet. These speakers are diminutive in physical size but not in the sound they produce. I can not believe the scale of sound these speakers can chuck out. The are so musical with a beautifully controlled natural base to a sweet treble. The sound is so effortlessly smooth but very detailed, love them!!!"
Mr C, Macclesfield
"This is a Christmas present ..... I will be opening on Xmas day can't wait!!!"
Miss R, Edgworth
"Very happy with the 21's"
"1.综合改动后,TWENTY21更容易被驱动,提升了一个档次。 2.TWENTY 21的优越体现在价格上了,低频温暖、丰满,有大箱的味道,声音中性,音染小,解析力惊人。"
"Absolutely delighted with my 2021's. They look like a quality product and gave made an immediate and significant improvement to my system. Wish I had bought them a while ago."
Mr P, Solihull
"Having purchased HI Fi for the last 35 years these are by far the most detailed and engaging speakers I have ever owned. Build quality is superb, I have not stopped smiling whenever I put them on. They are a credit to the manufacturers and made in the UK!"
Mr I, Bridgend
"As soon as I heard them demo'd I knew it was what I was looking for.."
Mr E, London
"I decided to upgrade my hi-fi after 20 years of use. Michael and Peter at Lintone Audio, Gateshead, advised that my initial choice of speakers wouldn't do justice to my new amplifier. After testing several speakers the standout speakers, both within my budget and those (unfortunately beyond it) were all PMC. The company ethos, product history and enthusiasm shone from the PMC website and catalogue. The speakers reflected this, in their quiet classy subtlety and attention to musical detail. I look forward to using these speakers over the next twenty years, especially as they are already revealing new items in music which I thought I knew well. Thank you"
Mr G, Gateshead
"I could'nt imagine that such a small speakers can sound so beautifully and powerful and my ears do not get tired to listen to the music now."
Mr R, Dublin
"Very pleased with the finish (black lacquer)and above all the sound. from a domestically sized speaker (this is my second system in our main living space) . Very well demonstrated and installed by my dealer (Ceritech). Would definitely consider a larger PMC speaker for my main system when I next upgrade."
Mr S, Barry
"Amazing speakers, simply can't find anything I dislike about them."
Mr R, Tadley
"Used as surround speakers in a 5.1 set up they are superb, especially for DVD-A & SACD hi-res discs."
Mr D, Ingatestone
"I am very pleased with these speakers. I have a small house and they fit in well without compromising on sound quality. I listen to a wide range of serious music and I like the balanced combination of detail, warmth and presentation that they provide."
Mr P, Bath
"The Twenty 21 were sounding good from the off. Mounting the speakers on the PMC stands Wow! These speakers need these stands. Expecting a lot more after running in, several say that the sound just keeps coming! A lot to look forward to."
Mr P, Stoke on Trent
"Very natural sound with fine detail no matter the volume is high or low, very suitable for use in my bedroom."
Mr. C, Tai Kok Tsui
"Still running in but unbelievable presence from such diminutive standmounts. "
Mr. C, Dukinfield
"Beautifully balanced and natural.Lovely non-fatiguing sound with effortles controlled bass and detailed middle and upper registered.Great speakers for my small listening room. "
Mr J, Hull
"Fantastic Speaker !! "
Mr T, Bünde
"Am just 6 hours into the break in and am very pleased with the accuracy and openness as is my wife. We both like the finish. "
Mr R, Canada
"Beautiful clarity, & a lovely airyness sound which seems to makes the air sparkle ! The diamond black finish is very attractive & the matching stands have a real quality finish to them as well. "
Mr H, Swindon
"The clarity and balance of tone I've been after has finally arrived. Voices and acoustic sounds are real and then heavy guitars and bass are tight and quick. "
Mr P, Leamington Spa
"Only owned them a couple of days but I'm already delighted with my choice. The speakers look fantastic on their dedicated twenty stands and sound simply wonderful. "
Mr K, Caerphilly
"The twenty 21's are simply brilliant, there is a real sense of pride in ownership of such well made British speakers, if you can afford them you must buy them. You wont regret it! "
Mr G, Eastleigh
"Everything sounds as good as it should, as good as I want and as good as I need it to be to enjoy all my music the most I can. "
Mr P, Leamington Spa
"Superb finish - high quality product - very happy with them. "
Mr B, Glenrothes
"They have rekindled my love of music again and are having me wanting to buy new music which i have not done for a long while which must be the holy grail of this great hobby. Thank you PMC. "
Mr O, Egham
"Such a deep, rich sound for a small speaker that sit neatly on shelves. "
Mr J, Colchester
"Lovely speakers. Fresh, feels live no matter what you play. Superb quality. Good to see that they are hand made. "
Mr B, Bristol
"Not even run in and they sound Fantastic, next purchase will be the twenty.22 in the new year. "
Mr P, Westbury
"Beautiful!!! Build quality is 5*. Just breaking them in now (but already sound WOW!) "
Mr T, Lichfield
"…they sound fantastic…Detail, soundstage, openness, bass(!) I found them proper laugh out loud good...I used to live in Luton and now in Biggleswade so its a pleasure to buy (very) local, especially when they are this good. "
Mr , Biggleswade
"These gloss black speakers on the eye catching stands are perfect for us. Thanks for your product, and full marks to Tony @ Basically Sound. (Your Dealer ) for a second to none demo of your products. "
Mr P, Fakenham
"Easily outclasses all other speakers in our auditioning. "
Mr S, Glen Waverley
"Best little standmount speaker "
Mr D, Portsmouth
"A worthy successor to my cherished Spendor BC1s and a perfect solution to the problem of (lack of) space in modern homes. "
Mr P, Winchester
"Able to cope effortlessly with any genre of music. "
Mr B, Norwich
"Fabulous speakers I must say! It is quite something that the 21's are able to reproduce such a wonderfully detailed 'large' sound noting their size! "
Mr C, Brighton
"Superb As Usual. I Also Own A Pair Of FB1i's "
Mr S, Brentwood
"The speakers are fantastic; they have transformed my listening experience. "
Mr S, London
"The detail is staggering, excellent bass for such a small cabinet. Rhythm first class. I am delighted. "
Mr G, Chard
"Best I've heard better than my gb1i by a long way beautiful build build quality. "
Mr .G, Fareham
"Unfortunatley I am restricted to bookshelf speakers in our lounge and I now think I have found the "perfect" pair! and the twenty year guarantee should see me off!!" "
Mr H, Bolton
"I listen mostly to jazz and classical music, where there tends to be a lot going on in the musical space. With the twenty.21s I can hear everything, and with remarkable clarity and definition. "
Mr S, London
"Triffid we speakers as we scots say "
Mr Y, Paisley
"I've had my PMC 21's for a year & love them more now than ever, the sound keeps giving so thanks PMC "
Mr Y, Paisley
"Still running in and already blowing me away, amazing how such tiny speakers can fill a room. 

First time my wife thinks speakers are beautiful, great design with the 21's and wonderful design stands "
Mr D, Netherlands
"The speakers were right at the edge of what I was willing to spend this time, but they were well worth it. "
Mr S, London
"I now have DB1 speakers in my music rooms and the Twenty 21 are now in the lounge. My son aged 10 walked in and said "wow, these sound different." They certainly do. And the design keeps my wife happy." "
Mr W, Brickendon
".....with the twenty 21 speakers the sound was simply sublime! Service from my dealer was excellent. In addition, the quality of finsh and packaging was fantastic. "
Mr M, Midlothian
"Absolutely awesome. I know why Elbow use PMC. "
Mr H, Swindon
"When looking at an upgrade the PMC speakers were my choice and everything else has fitted around them. I am delighted to be buying a locally designed and manufactured piece of kit. "
Mr W, Brickendon
"After 2 weeks..WOW! "
Mr W, Cupar
"Really impressed with sound stage and integration into my system. Movement Audio were really helpful with the selection of speakers too! "
Mr B, Bournemouth
"I'm delighted with these speakers. I find it incredible that such a small cabinet can deliver the bass sounds that it does...yet never sounds bloated or boomy. "
Mr W, Bristol
"Up-to-date design. Neutral (uncolored) and undistorted sound. Very dynamic, fast and articulate (very lively). Punchy bass and extended/refined HF response. "
Mr V, Belgium
"Great sound stage! Love my 21's! "
Mr B, Sheffield
"As the size of my listening room is small, and with noise-sensitive neighbours on either side, I'm also very pleased to find that bass sounds are still very audible and precise even at lower listening volumes. "
Mr W, Bristol
"Fantastic product and sound quality! "
Mr S, Oldenburg
"These speakers are the most dynamic bookshelf set I have ever heard in my life time of being a hi fi addict and the sound produced could easily be thought to be coming from a cabinet 4 times the size, only one word to describe them, AWESOME "
Mr Y, UK
"Thank you for such a wonderful product - and can you also pass my thanks on to "J M" (the person who built my set)." "
Mr W, Bristol
"Just fired up for the first time and they're already knocking the spots off my old floorstanders - and those were from another very respected British manufacturer. Can't wait to hear what they're like when warmed in. "
Mr C, London
"Truly phenomenal imaging. I sit in wonder at how it's possible for such a jaw dropping sound to be eminating from the size of the cabinets, they're unlike anything I've ever heard. Thank you PMC for keeping me grinning from ear to ear! "
Mr F, Chelmsford
"Smashing speakers PMC. "
Mr Y, Paisley
"Sounds great! "
Mr S, London.
"Your speakers are exceptionally good. I cannot praise them enough. This is the best sounding system I have ever owned and you are a big part of it. "
Mr A, Sittingbourne
"Great sound, great styling. There is no substitute for quality. "
Mr M, Wakefield