The i series contains the largest selection from the PMC portfolio, all of which have received accolades from the four corners of the globe and have firmly established themselves as the benchmark in the realm of the audiophile. Every model from the OB1i to the heavy hitting BB5i feature the SONOLEX™ soft dome tweeter and produce an astonishingly similar tonal balance and dynamic feel. They can also be partnered with their own specifically designed centre and sub bass unit to create a beautifully matched high resolution surround system.

In celebration of 21 years’ production of the world’s leading professional reference monitors, we are proud to launch the hand built, limited edition, DB1 Gold - the finest version of t

The IB2i is a three way, high resolution reference monitor.

The MB2i is a larger three way, high resolution ATL™ reference monitor that displays all the grip, resolution and dynamics of the smaller IB2 with the ability to resolve even greater detail in the very low frequencies.

The origins of the MB2 XBDi can be found in the professional active version which is currently the reference for Emil Berliner / Deutsche Grammophon, Berlin.

The BB5i is the largest of the three way, high resolution ATL™ reference monitors and has many claims to fame throughout the professional and au