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With the phenomenal benefits of PMC’s ATL™ (Advanced Transmission Line) technology, the fact.8 floor-standing model produces the commanding power and scale that is capable of filling both medium and larger rooms with awe-inspiring dynamic sound.

With its compliment of twin fact bass drivers and ultra high resolution fact tweeter, they project an all encompassing, vivid sonic picture that can be experienced by all.

These cutting edge precision drivers are seamlessly integrated with a highly sophisticated 24dB per octave crossover network and, in combination with the ultimately inert ATL™ cabinet, create an entirely natural and refined balance where vocals hang in space and are truly tangible.

Available Finishes:
Tiger Ebony, Graphite Poplar, Rich Walnut, White Silk
Crossover Frequency:
H 1030mm (40.55") + 25mm (0.98") spikes W 155mm (6.1") + 80mm (3.15") ingot feet D 380mm (14.96") + 23mm (0.9") Ag terminal
Drive Units:
2 × fact 140mm (5½") precision drivers, 1× fact 19mm (0.75") high-res SONOMEX™ soft dome ferro-fluid cooled with 34mm wide surround
Effective ATL™ Length:
3m 9.8ft
Frequency Response:
28Hz – 30kHz
8 Ohms
Input Connectors:
2 pairs 4mm PMC Ag terminals (bi-wire or bi-amp)
89dB 1w at 1m
20.0kg 44lbs
Review Author Datesort ascending Publication
PMC Fact 8 Staff 08/04/2010 What HiFi?
Englisches Understatement Michael Holzinger 24/02/2010 Sempre Audio
PMC's New Luxury Fact.8 Paul Messenger 03/11/2009 Hi-Fi Choice
Award Description Date Publication
Audio Excellence

Awarded in January's issue of HiFi Critic.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 HiFi Critic
Best Loudspeaker in the 'High End' £2,000+ Category

 “This is then presented in one of the most handsome cabinets we have seen in a while. Virtues that take it to the top of the class.”

Friday, October 1, 2010 Hi-Fi Choice Winner 2010


  • "Fantastic, very pleased with how they sound and look" Mr A, Warrington
  • "They perform beautifully. They appear to fill the room with sound rather than being directional. Very musical, yet effortless. Really pleased with them." Mrs. C, Great Yarmouth
  • "Provide a pack of tissues with every set of fact.8's, they bring tears to my eyes. No kidding.


Hi everyone at PMC, 

Thank you so much for understanding exactly what loudspeaker design should be. Simply amazing. Thanks guys!
" Mr J, The Netherland
  • "Fantastic speakers - best i have had" Mr L, Solihull
  • "Thanks all at PMC and happy 20th" Mr M, Zetland NSW
  • "Totally holographic out of the box sound, they let the system do the talking. Most importantly, the wife loves them. 

The best speakers we've owned by far. 

Keep it up PMC." Mr R, Bedford
  • "Absolutely and totally AMAZING speakers" Mr S, London
  • "Stunning sound and build" Mr B, Fakenham
  • "Very pleased with performance - able to 'fill the room' and deal with difficult acoustic conditions. Look great too!" Mr B, Sleaford
  • "Very detailed and genuinely the vocal rendition is like your at a live performance" Mr A, Worsley
  • "Brilliant!" Mr J, Hartlebury
  • "I am really impressed by the huge soundscale and detailreproduction of the Fact 8 speakers.......All my cd's contain much more music now than I ever experienced before.......They have a real professional character, thank you PMC." Mr. H, Amsterdam
  • "Absolutely love these Fact 8s. I have a full i series setup for my home theater but can't get over how good the Facts are for music. It has got me thinking about upgrading my other equipment to match its excellence." Mr. M, Wandsworth
  • "The Fact 8s are stunning - you are placed right in the middle of the recording room with the musicians hearing every single instrument with absolute clarity and balance." Mr. G, Ashbourne
  • "Amazing scale and presence playing sioxsisie & The Banshees live LP. 'Nocturne' - crazy crowd, Albert Hall Vastness and Guitar Feedback Tearing the Night in Half - all without a shred of uncertainty from the speakers." Mr H, Kent.
  • "Beautiful sounding speakers. Truely wonderful." Mr C, Pinner
  • "Tremendous sound development and wonderful differentiation. Worthwhile upgrade that now allows me to even enjoy symphonic sound." Mr. L, London
  • "Loving these Fact 8s" Mr. S, Swindon
  • " I've had the Fact 8's for a short time, but am amazed at how they do everything so right. Tone, soundstage and timing are all top notch." Mr. E, Sycamore
  • " Not only do they outperform all other speakers I've owned, but they also incorporate extremely well into my room. The Tiger Ebony finish is gorgeous. Thank you for bringing such a tremendous product to the market place." Mr. E, Sycamore
  • "The best speakers that I have ever owned." Mr. L, Littleton
  • "Facts perform very well, great detail and bassperform. Most of all, very good stereo image. With my eyes closed, it is almost a life performance." Mr B, Beek en Donk
  • "Incredibly natural sound and bass from modestly sized speakers with elegant appearance... The switches at the back saved my marriage!" Mr. V, Malden
  • "Listening through the PMC Fact 8 is like.... being there!" Mr. S, Portugal
  • "I think the Fact 8 is the right speaker for my system, they really do convey a well balanced and controlled sound, sometimes it seems the music is simply thrown at you and I can honestly say they often surprise me." Mr. E, Bedford