The twenty5 series feature at Metropolis Studios

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The twenty5 series feature at Metropolis Studios

PMC’s new twenty5.21 loudspeakers received the professional touch when they were used by one of the world’s leading mastering engineers to demonstrate the art of mastering, at the recent Metropolis Studios upgrade event.

During the studio upgrade celebrations, world-renowned mastering engineer Tony Cousins (Robbie Williams, Paul Weller, Elton John, Tom Jones, Genesis, Adele), a PMC user for over 23 years, used the new twenty5.21 speakers alongside his trusted pair BB5 XBDs to demonstrate the intricacies and subtleties of the mastering process.

PMC is a longstanding supplier to Metropolis Studios, the largest studio facility in Europe, and its new QB1-A main monitors are now the centre-piece of the upgraded primary studio, Studio A.  Representatives from the world of recording and professional audio witnessed the unveiling of the company’s flagship monitor speakers, which have been installed in the control room. Demonstrated by the chief engineer, Sam Wheat (Rolling Stones, Elton John, Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, Lionel Ritchie, ZZ Top), the QB1-As proved their role as the main monitor of choice for discerning music makers.

The new twenty5 series borrows heavily from the technologies developed for the QB1-A, in particular the new Laminair aerodynamic vent, which creates a smooth laminar airflow as it exits the Advanced Transmission Line. Utilised with superb effect in the QB1-A and the twenty5 series, the reduction in turbulence and drag reduces resistance and increases efficiency, providing immediately obvious audible effects - a faster, higher definition bass with accurate timing and dynamics, without unwanted air noise.

The twenty5 series was launched to mark the company’s 25th anniversary and embodies two and a half decades of cutting-edge research and development in a product range that provides a listening experience that redefines high-fidelity. It is packed with new and highly innovative elements like the long throw mid-bass drivers, with resin-bound g-weave™ cones, that produce a substantial low frequency output when coupled with the ATL and an ultra-vivid midrange clarity. These technologies make them the perfect loudspeaker for the mastering demonstration and reinforce their credentials as speakers that can recreate the sound of the original recording.

Peter Thomas, PMC owner, says, “The selection of the twenty5 series for the mastering demonstration at Metropolis underlines our philosophy that there is only one way to design loudspeakers. There is no need to produce one style for the studio and another for the home, as the speakers’ job is to reproduce the recoded signal exactly as the artiste intended and that is just important during the recording process as it is while listening at home.” He concludes, “Sharing the evening with our flagship QB1-A used in Studio A, the Metropolis upgrade event proves that our products are the only serious choice for people who want to experience the purity of music.”