Studios 301 launch party

Friday, March 2, 2018

Studios 301

Australia’s historic Studios 301has reopened after a multi-million dollar rebuild and now has PMC speakers in all but one of its recording, mixing and mastering rooms. The PMC checklist includes a pair of QB1-A speakers, making this the first studio in the Southern hemisphere to install our flagship monitors. There are also plenty of MB3 XBD-A monitors and some twotwo nearfields in various production suites.

Studios 301’s rebuild will take this historic facility forward into the 21st century and consolidate its reputation as a large format studio capable of servicing the world’s biggest artists, as well as fostering the next generation of musical talent. Established in 1926 as The Columbia Graphophone Company – and later EMI - Studios 301 has played host to numerous internationally acclaimed artists over the years, including Coldplay, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, U2, David Bowie, INXS, Elton John, Bob Dylan and Lana Del Rey.

Dr. Tom Misner, who reacquired Studios 301 at the end of 2016, says: “I chose PMC’s QB1-A monitors for our main studio because they are currently the best studio monitors on the market, especially when they are installed in a room that has been purpose built to house them. Their performance is amazing, and they are very smooth, which tends to allow you to turn up the volume. To achieve these exceptional sonic results, we built the room for the speakers rather than trying to fit the speakers to the existing acoustics of the room.”

Congratulations Studios 301 – many you have many happy years in your new home.