Retailer focus - Lintone Audio

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

There are quite a few things synonymous with the north east: the fog on the Tyne; the stunning “Angel of the North; Newcastle Brown Ale and perhaps the most important, Lintone Audio.

For 44 years Park Lane in Gateshead has been home to Tony Gascoigne’s Lintone Audio store, serving the audiophiles of the surrounding area with passion, commitment and dedication to the core purpose of hi-fi: music.

As Linetone approach half a century, HiFi has not always been at the heart of Tony’s career. His earlier working life was spent as an industrial chemist for civil engineering company. This career path took Tony from Wakefield in West Yorkshire, some 100 miles north to the north east of England, where a change of direction beckoned. Tony opted out of salaried life in 1974 and opened Lintone Audio.

Lintone has sold many of the UK’s classic audio products over the years including one of Tony’s personal favourites, the original Quad electrostatics. These were a revelation at the time, with a clarity and authenticity that others couldn’t compete with. In fact, Tony used to own a pair for his personal system, but they simply didn’t go loud enough for his musical tastes and had to go!

Enter PMC. The company has invested in an active MB2 XBD system to show customers just what can be achieved – these certainly go loud enough and still have the incredible clarity, accuracy and authenticity that Tony believes the very best speakers should exhibit.

The MB2 XBDs are just one model in the impressive range of PMC speakers stocked at Lintone Audio. With everything from the pro audio result.6 and twotwo active monitors, through to the twenty5, fact and SE ranges, the company has one of the most comprehensive selections of PMC loudspeakers anywhere in the UK and in fact the world!

Selecting PMC as a brand to stock was an obvious choice for Tony and his team. Having visited various hi-fi shows during PMC’s infancy, Tony was struck by the ‘bespoke, hands-on’ approach of a young PMC, making speakers that were simply amazing, with an attitude that meant business. He was fascinated by the Advanced Transmission Line technology and decided to call PMC – after speaking to Tom (Barron) – now UK South Business Development Manager, they started with the FB1 and now the business stocks around 80% of the PMC product range.

Lintone, having been in existence for 40+ years, has never stood still. Embracing the digital age, by promoting and selling certain products online. But, the mainstay of the business is still the demonstration. As Tony says, “There’s nothing like sitting down face to face with a potential customer, playing music and watching their reaction when the equipment selection just works for them.” As he also explained, “It’s all about the music and you just can’t convey the magic of the performance over the internet, so we put a lot of effort into bringing people (and new people) into the store to experience what we have to offer them.”

With the face of retail changing and to suit customers’ needs the business has invested in a series of special events which are being held on weekends. A recently held Rega turntable day attracted a huge audience bringing in their turntables for a free service. While they waited, they were able to experience the latest and greatest products available in the store. The next event (planned in for mid-April) will be PMC focused, with the huge MB2 XBD Active system taking centre stage – a great opportunity for all music lovers of the area to hear something you probably wouldn’t have experienced before - music sounding exactly how it did in the studio. A perfect reason to jump on the A1 and head north!