PMC guarantees the best sound at Bristol

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

PMC at Bristol S&V

PMC will be in Room 108 at Sound & Vision, The Bristol Show to launch the AVM30 entry-level electronics range into the UK market. Experience the AVM30 line-up through the compact 21,23 and 3-way 26 models from PMC’s award- winning twenty5 series range. AVM’s owner and managing director, Udo Besser will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the brand and its products.

The AVM30 line-up, which includes integrated, pre and power amplifiers, plus CD and media players, was originally launched exclusively in Germany as a limited edition range celebrating AVM’s 30th aniversary. The reaction to it was nothing short of superb, so the company to took the decision to launch globally. AVM30 is based on three legendary AVM classic products, reimagined and engineered with state-of-the-art technology and a timeless, elegant design.

In addition, PMC will be showcasing its holistic design philosophy with the cor integrated amplifier, which will be connected to twenty5.26 and fact.12 speakers and fed by a Bryston BDP-3 and BDA-3 DAC. Witness first hand the reproduction of the music exactly as it is meant to be heard.

To supplement the ranges on display, PMC’s owner, designer and managing director Peter Thomas will be available for a meet and greet to answer any questions you may have about the models on display.

Peter says, “Bristol is a key event in our calendar and we’re excited to be unveiling the AVM 30 range in the UK at the show. We believe that our two brands have an identical approach when it comes to producing high quality audio products and can showcase this when visitors hear our products together in the same room. We’re confident they will be in for a treat when AVM’s products are hooked up to the twenty5 series to highlight what exceptional audio quality sounds like and what exquisite design looks like.”

PMC will be exhibiting at Sound & Vision, The Bristol Show, from 23 - 25 February on the first floor in room 108. It will also be providing a pair of twenty5.21s and twenty5.26s to Cary Audio for its demonstrations and a pair of fact.12 for Townsend Audio to demonstrate its seismic vibration isolation platforms.


AVM30 line-up

The A30 integrated amplifier draws on the heritage of its legendary predecessor, the AVM A2. It takes the direct double-mono setup from the original and adds modern functions such as digital inputs, plus the latest high resolution Bluetooth standard.

The PA30 pre-amplifier has a first-class MM and MC phono module, also includes functions such as digital SPDIF optical, coaxial and USB  inputs and Bluetooth. All functions of the PA30 are intuitive to operate - and yet it offers extensive adjustment options such as input sensitivity, sound control and home cinema loops.

The MA30 is a class A/AB mono power amplifier that provides 225 watts of pure amplification.

The MP30 is a component for the high-quality playback of virtually all digital signals, from CD, network storage via DLNA and UPnP, directly connected digital sources or a streaming service such as TIDAL or Qobuz.

The MP30’s siblings are the CD30, which focusses on CD playback and offers additional digital inputs, and the CS30, an all-in-one streaming CD player and receiver, which will be the centerpiece of PMC’s demonstration at the show.

The P30 is a compact phono stage with individual inputs for both MM and MC, as well as audiophile-quality phono load adaptors (100/200/1,000 ohms) for maximum compatibility.