PMC News

Cenzo Townshend Adds PMC Speakers

Mix Engineer Cenzo Townshend has installed a pair of PMC twotwo.5 nearfield monitors in the mix room at Decoy Studios (www.decoysound....


The clarity and precision of PMC professional studio monitors was something that musician, producer and composer Beto Hale couldn’t ignore when he heard them for the first...

Peter Beckmann with his new MB2s

Peter Beckmann, owner and founder of TechnologyWorks Mastering in London, has upgraded his studio to incorporate PMC MB2S, which he says have exceeded his expectations and...

PMC Goes To The Oscars To Ensure Superlative Sound

As the world tuned in to Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre on Sunday night for the 89th annual Academy Awards - otherwise known as the Oscars® - the show’s musicians...

Peter Thomas and Udo Besser

PMC is using Sound & Vision, The Bristol Show, to launch the AVM high-end electronics brand, which it is adding to its distribution portfolio, making this significant...

PMC helps demonstrate the nuances of High Res Audio with the recreation of Capitol Studios at the recent CES

PMC, manufacturer of the leading studio and audiophile speakers, helped recreate the world famous Capitol Studios at the recent CES in Las Vegas, to expose visitors to the...