August 2017

Marsh Mastering, LA
PMC Speakers Give Marsh Mastering Accurate and Detailed Sound

Marsh Mastering, a purpose-built mastering boutique located in the heart of Hollywood, California, has recently undertaken a series of quadrophonic remastering projects...

Brazil’s Audio Porto Studios
Brazil’s Audio Porto Studios Installs PMC As Its Main Monitors

A personal dream to bring state of the art recording facilities to the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre has led producer/engineer Rafael Hauck to invest in PMC MB2 XBD...

Liquid Media Hub Chooses PMC Speakers
Liquid Media Hub Chooses PMC Speakers For Its Audio Production Facilities

Liquid Media Hub, one of the UK's principle Media Content Services provider, has installed PMC speakers in a 7.1 configuration in all three of its audio production suites...